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We offer both vinyl and tile flooring which can complete the design you’re going for, whether it’s your home or business property. For bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, backsplashes, fireplaces and more, this type of flooring is most ideal. With such a wide variety of styles, colors, textures and materials, you’re bound to find the perfect choice to suit your style and needs.


Hardwood is the perfect flooring option to choose for a home. The different types and shades of wood offer a custom look to your home and bring warmth to any room. Plus, they’re easier to clean than carpet. Less dirt and dust are trapped on your floor, making it easier to clean and more likely to stay clean!


Laminate flooring provides a great alternative. It can be just as warm and stylish as hardwood, but goes for a lesser cost. Because of this, laminate is the way to go if you’re looking to save some extra money, but also go for the same comfy look that hardwood provides.


Today's most popular carpet manufacturers have your lifestyle in mind when in comes to developing new and exciting flooring options. This has resulted in the evolution of the softest and most foot-friendly carpets.

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Great sales and service. They installed new carpets in my home and I'm comfortable recommending them to anyone.

- Michael J. Mehltretter

The people, product selection and professional installation. The best of all rolled up in one package.

- Steven Clark

Wonderful staff very accommodating. Product was well done and staff above average in professionalism! I would definitely recommend them!

- Karen Catanzaro Farley